Residents in Weaver Vale are already all too aware of how this Tory government favours London and the South East when it comes to vital infrastructure. For every £1 spent here in the north, the government invests £6 in London – meaning that important projects like the Mersey Gateway here have tolls as their financial basis, whilst major projects in London such as Crossrail receive direct government investment.

In a...

I welcome the recent, and long overdue announcement by the government of an inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal. I raised the view of a constituent, Michael, who along with other victims and families is demanding that victims are able to play a key and central role in any enquiry, and are able to shape justice – justice that cannot not come a day too soon. I will continue...

I was delighted to be able to speak in a special Westminster debate to highlight the pension injustice being suffered by hundreds of thousands of women across the country, including over 4000 in Weaver Vale, who were born in the 1950s, and have had changes enforced on their pension entitlements and access, with little or no notice, and no time to make alternative plans. I raised the issue of...

The new Mersey Gateway bridge is scheduled to open in the Autumn – and for the first time travellers will be required to pay tolls to cross the river, on both the new bridge and the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

My position is clear – I believe that these toll plans are a tax on jobs, and an unacceptable barrier to people who may need to access services such as hospitals,...

How to Help on Polling Day

Just 806 votes in it last time. Please spare any time that you have tomorrow to help get Mike elected!

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I oppose the undemocratic Tory fracking proposals

mikephoto5.pngThe Conservative Party’s manifesto proposes to remove power from local councils to oppose fracking. This will strip local communities of the ability to make their own decisions about fracking and it's damaging consequences.

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My pledges to you

On 8 June, families in Weaver Vale have a choice between a Labour government that stands up for the many and the Tories who only look after a privileged few. The Tories are holding people back. Here are my pledges to put Weaver Vale first.

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Why I'm standing

It's time we took back control from the Tories - and Weaver Vale is at the heart of the fight for a better future for the many, not the few.

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Mike's message to WASPI women

An open letter to the women of Weaver Vale, born in the 1950s and badly let down by this Tory government.

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Mike Amesbury selected for Weaver Vale!

Mike Amesbury is your Labour candidate for the General Election on June 8th, and has vowed to put Weaver Vale first.

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