Get in touch with Mike Amesbury, Member of Parliament for Weaver Vale

Mike is Weaver Vale residents’ voice in Parliament. You can contact him about legislation that is being debated in the House of Commons, or about services provided by central government departments. These include healthcare, taxation and tax credits, immigration and passports, citizenship, benefits and pensions, student finance and policing.


Mike may not be able to assist you on issues relating to services provided by the local council, including street cleaning, council housing, planning and parking. If you get in touch about an issue relating to the local council, Mike and his team may direct you to a local councillor.


Please be aware that it is not within Mike’s remit to intervene in private disputes, such as those between neighbours, between an employer or employee and individual consumer complaints, or to intervene in outstanding legal matters, and court decisions.


As a Member of Parliament, Mike is able to assist constituents with matters relating to central government. Please be aware that strict parliamentary protocol dictates that Members of Parliament may only deal with enquiries and cases on behalf of their own constituents. Mike is only able to assist people who live in Weaver Vale: if you’re unsure who your MP is, you can find out here.


You can contact Mike by calling his office on 01928 620061. Residents of Weaver Vale can also attend one of Mike's regular advice surgeries held at various locations across the constituency. To find out details and arrange an appointment please contact 01928 620061.


When getting in touch, please make sure you include your full name, home address, contact number as well as any reference numbers relevant to your case (e.g. your National Insurance number, Home Office reference, etc).