I oppose the undemocratic Tory fracking proposals

mikephoto5.pngThe Conservative Party’s manifesto proposes to remove power from local councils to oppose fracking. This will strip local communities of the ability to make their own decisions about fracking and it's damaging consequences.

Graham Evans, the Conservative candidate and former MP for Weaver Vale, has repeatedly spoken in favour of fracking and has quietly lobbied for Weaver Vale to become a "beacon" for the fracking industry at an All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting.

Whilst the people of Weaver Vale have opposed fracking loudly and clearly, the Tories have ignored their valid concerns. The local Tory candidate has been quietly scheming to make Weaver Vale a national "beacon" for fracking and asked industry bigwigs to "consider the area" as an "ideal location" for a fracking pilot.

He clearly has no regard for the views of local communities and would rather roll out the red carpet for companies to drill in Frodsham, Helsby and Northwich than listen to local people.

I can confirm my support for a ban on fracking, as I am deeply concerned about the potential damage to the environment and the impact on local house prices. I respect the deep-rooted public opposition to fracking in our constituency.

The Conservative manifesto plan to remove local councils’ power on fracking is wrong and undemocratic, and as your MP, I will continue to oppose local fracking plans and would back a national ban in Parliament.

The Tory manifesto lays out plans to make drilling "permitted development" and remove the ability of local councils to halt fracking. In addition, they have shamefully stripped responsibility for the oversight of the controversial practice from the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

This Tory manifesto gives the green light for fracking in our constituency against the will of local people. After coming up against opposition from local councils and environmental bodies, the Tories have decided to change the law so that they can ignore these legitimate concerns about the impact of fracking on our environment and communities. The people of Weaver Vale deserve to be able to contribute to discussions about fracking and planning in their area. If the Tories are elected, the consequences for this area will be significant for decades to come.

Even Conservative think tank Bright Blue stated that the Tory manifesto "oversells the benefits of fracking". The choice could not be clearer in Weaver Vale, only a vote for Labour will ensure that the views of local people are properly represented when companies seek to frack in this area.

A Labour Government will oppose fracking and crucially, will invest in renewable energy, which will protect the environment for future generations and create much needed high-quality jobs in our area.