Mersey Gateway Bridge - Keeping Residents updated

The issue of tolls on the Mersey Gateway bridge continues to be a major issue that as local MP I am raising at every opportunity. I believe that the current proposals as they stand are unfair, divisive and a tax on jobs – a view shared by Labour Parliamentary colleagues, and I have raised the issue in parliament demanding a fair deal for all Weaver Vale residents.

Tomorrow, along with other partners in the City Region I will be visiting the bridge site to see how construction is developing as we approach the final stages, and receive updates on progress.

However, whilst I welcome the building of the bridge itself, I will continue to raise a number of issues including my view that projects of this nature should have a greater balance of Treasury based funding than is currently the case.

I share the view of residents that the tolling approach as currently proposed is unacceptable – but in addition to this, whilst I will continue to fight for amendments to the plans, there are also a number of questions and concerns that have been raised with me in terms of practicalities, awareness raising, and whether the systems and capacity are in place should these plans be enacted. I will be taking the opportunity to ask a number of these questions directly and will of course keep residents updated on a regular basis.