My Meeting with Halton OPEN

Today I visited the Heath Business Park to meet with Richard Ashworth and Dave Austin, the respective chair and vice-chair of Halton OPEN - an organisation operating in both Weaver Vale and Halton constituencies.

Halton OPEN (Older People’s Empowerment Network) is a senior citizen’s advocacy group dedicated to making Halton a more age-friendly place to live. I appreciate their hard work to support some of the most vulnerable citizens in our area, as highlighted with their new comprehensive resource pamphlet, designed to make our senior citizens more aware of the help available to them.

Together we discussed the confusion and worry of many of their 1000+ members surrounding the registration process of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge. As one who is strongly opposed to the currently planned method of financially operating the bridge, Richard, Dave and I all share in our disappointment towards the government’s reneging on the previous Chancellor, George Osborne’s promise to make the bridge free to residents across Weaver Vale.

I look forward to working with Halton OPEN more in the future address to the issues of social isolation that many of our elderly face today, Personal Independence Payment unfairness, the challenges over-50s face on today’s public transport and the continued work of the WASPI campaign.