New Mersey Gateway Bridge - Lots of welcome feedback, but seeking assurances on concerns

Whilst a number of constituents have contacted me to welcome the opening of the bridge, and the excellent surrounding work undertaken by Halton Borough Council, I was concerned to be told by a number of bridge users of delays in toll payments being processed.

This has led to people believing that they may have incorrectly followed instructions, and in some cases causing them to pay for single journeys in order to avoid the threat of a fine, despite being signed up as pre-pay customers. I understand that this was due to delays in the systems at Emovis, and the problem should be addressed within a week.

I contacted Emovis, the private sector company implementing the tolling system, to seek assurances that nobody will be unfairly fined, refunds will be made available to anyone who has paid more than once, and that payments will not be added together in a manner that causes accounts to fall into debit.


I am pleased to be given reassurances relating to the above - however I will be keeping a close eye on the issue. If you are a constituent and wish to raise a problem with me, do please get in touch.