Northern Powercut - Government lets down North on Rail Promise

Residents in Weaver Vale are already all too aware of how this Tory government favours London and the South East when it comes to vital infrastructure. For every £1 spent here in the north, the government invests £6 in London – meaning that important projects like the Mersey Gateway here have tolls as their financial basis, whilst major projects in London such as Crossrail receive direct government investment.

In a further example of how travellers and passengers in the North West are receiving a second class service from the government, the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling suggested that plans to electrify the rail line between Manchester and Leeds are likely to be downgraded to only a partial electrification. I believe that this is bad news for passengers, bad news for jobs and connectivity and bad news for the environment, as trains would continue to be partly fuelled by diesel rather than electricity which can be produced cleanly and sustainably.

At a time when we need to be ambitious about jobs, prosperity, and sustainability here in Weaver Vale it is hugely important that the drivers and support in our wider region that can help make this happen are put in place.

Sadly this is yet another example of a broken promise from this government to the people of our area.  I will be demanding clarity from the government about what their plans are; and calling for fair funding, and fair support for the North West.