Response to Ince Marshes Proposal

The British Geological Survey have recently announced proposals for a significant piece of development and research work at Ince Marshes.

I’ll be asking for an urgent meeting to seek assurances about the nature of the project and will continue to monitor developments in the area closely.   Although research into alternative energy sources is needed, many in my constituency will be rightly concerned that this could pave the way for fracking on the borders of Weaver Vale.

This area has been singled out by energy firms looking to carry out gas exploration tests in the past and the BGS themselves say that some of the research they carry out at this site will look specifically at shale gas. 

Myself and Labour colleagues have said time and again that fracking is not wanted here, it is intrusive and destructive. I will continue to oppose anything that makes fracking a greater threat than it already is to our area, whilst welcoming and supporting work to develop and explore renewable and clean energy options that I believe represent a better future than reliance on fossil fuels.