PM must act to end the social care crisis

Social care is one of the most vital public services we have - not just for the many thousands of people who rely on it for care and support, but also because when social care is broken it puts greater pressure on our already creaking NHS and other services too.

Our councils, Carers, and Care Workers are committed, dedicated, and working constantly to provide the best support they can. However, their job is becoming more and more difficult as the social care crisis continues. That is why I have called on the Prime Minister to act immediately to end the social care crisis in Weaver Vale.

Figures show that since 2011/12 external funding for Cheshire West and Chester and Halton Councils has been cut by 38.1% and 43.7% respectively – meaning vulnerable people are struggling to access the care they need.

I have written to the Prime Minister to make clear that social care is in crisis, and it is decisions made in Downing Street that have brought us to this point.

Theresa May must stop turning a blind eye to the problems in social care and address the funding crisis urgently.

 Since 2010 local authorities’ social care budgets have been cut by £4.6 billion and 400,000 fewer people are now receiving publicly funded social care. Here in Weaver Vale we have seen our councils’ budgets cut by 38 and 43 per cent, which has meant vulnerable people in our community not getting the care and support they need.

Labour has warned time and again of the growing crisis in social care. The competing pressures of an ageing population and chronic underfunding cannot go on. Theresa May must act now to make sure that councils like Halton and Cheshire West and Chester have the money to provide quality social care for all those who need it.