Why I'm standing

It's time we took back control from the Tories - and Weaver Vale is at the heart of the fight for a better future for the many, not the few.



I was born in Manchester and I have been married to Amanda for 11 years. We have a son, Ted, who is 6. Amanda is a Runcorn woman, was brought up here, went to school here and her family still live and work in the area.
I left school at 16 in 1985 with just 4 C.S.E.’s, after failing the 11-plus and being branded a failure like thousands of other working class kids. I experienced first-hand the effects of youth unemployment and poor working conditions. It made me a committed Trade Unionist, eventually serving my union, UNISON as a shop steward and convenor for Manchester, Trafford, Tameside and Salford Careers services.
I later returned to full-time education, becoming the first in my family to gain a university degree and post graduate qualifications. I wanted to put something back into the community: I worked as a careers adviser helping young people into work or further education.
I joined the Labour Party to make a difference: I saw first-hand the damage that the Tories did to our communities, running down our health service, lack of decent education and long term unemployment on our communities.
We are told the public are losing faith in politics and politicians. That’s partly because too few politicians have real world experience and speak plainly. I am a proud northerner and love our region with a passion. I know how to relate to real people, because I am one of them.
I believe we must win people over again to a bold, Labour alternative.
I want to secure a Labour victory that the nation and Weaver Vale so desperately needs and become your Labour Member of Parliament. For too long the communities of Weaver Vale have been let down by the current "yes man" for draconian Tory cuts. I will put Weaver Vale first and prioritise investment in people, services and infrastructure to create a fairer and more prosperous society for all. I will be a strong voice in the community and in Parliament.
This harsh Tory Government wants to cut and cut again. It is a Government privatising our health service, attacking workers’ rights and threatening jobs and living standards.
Once again we have a Government who that believe unemployment and a zero hours economy are a price worth paying.
When elected, I will lead from the front - and I will always put my constituents first.

We have just 31 days to overturn that narrow Tory majority of 806. We have just weeks to save our NHS, protect our local schools, and banish zero hours contracts creating an economy that works for all.
Please, vote for me - or even get involved to give Weaver Vale the representation it deserves.
Yours sincerely,
Mike Amesbury

Your Labour candidate for Weaver Vale